Speed and Agility Training

Speed exercises and agility training – The true story.

Speed and Agility Training and Time

In this article I will discuss the role of time in the progress you make in speed and agility, as well as the impact it makes on your speed and agility training.
Below, I have made a video to illustrate the sort of level I train at nowadays. It is by many means more intense than it looks.

By the way if your asking yourself what do abs have to do with speed and agility training, then I have two words for you: Core Strength – this is what enables people to jump over their own heads (that’s what backflipping is by the way).

Now for the illustration of time.

Speed and Agility Training and Time

Speed and Agility Training and Time

You see, I could not always train as hard as I can now, and, in a sense, the gains I can make now are higher than the gains I could have made before. It is by both practical experience and body conditioning – the life long art of sculpting a hard body – that I have managed to take my body to a high level of physical fitness.

But from the top of the mountain there is forever much more to discover.

Thus, my focus nowadays is on creating a monks body.

You know what I mean, the monk body, a body that you could brake a bamboo stick on and that could pierce through wood. You’re not going to get that in the gym. And don’t think most pansy assed martial arts schools are gonna teach you that either.

But I digress.

What you can do today is by no means an indication of what you can do tomorow. If it were, people would never progress. You can surpass yourself in many ways every day. And this interestingly, will change the fabric of time for you. Now in any new agey religious sort of way you understand.

It goes like this:

The more life events that you must react to, the faster your mind needs to work, the faster your mind works, the faster your body needs to work, and it needs to work accurately and so your body develops. And from this constant mental activity comes a constant bodily activity, when the blood boils as some may know it. And you seem to enter another plane of existence in the sense that time moves slower for you.

Some may consider this ludicrous, some may have glimpsed it, others might have studied it and maybe some others might know of it. But the fact is that for whatever reason your world moves slower. When you don’t react to anything around you the state that your body enters is known as ZEN. And because there is less to react to, time grows longer.

But Damian, what does this have to do with speed and agility or speed exercises or agility training or whatever else of speed and agility training that is discussed around here? Well, this…

As time passes your body changes in ways that allow you to stress it ways that you could not have done before. The problem is, we are habit machines, and, unless we learn that as time passes our routines most evolve at the same rate as our capacities, then we will flat line. This is what I meant when I told you that speed and agility changes over time and so must your speed and agility training.

What about practical speed and agility training advice – time’s fun and all but how can I get faster

Increase the intensity, do it with focus and always keep your muscles under tension. Never relax during a set.

It must be a tough workout. Otherwise you will not progress.

Are there shortcuts?


Do they work?


Are there side-effects?


Can I avoid these side-effects?


An example of the top of your head?


Will you tell me more?

Do you want to hear more? Leave a comment.

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3 Responses to 'Speed and Agility Training and Time'

  1. Best Protein Supplement - July 27th, 2010 at 5:25 am

    This article is just a very long way of saying that you need to increase the intensity of your workout and that change should be a constant factor in your speed and agility training.
    The ZEN stuff is true.

  2. Best Protein Supplement - July 27th, 2010 at 5:37 am

    This is just a long way of saying that you need to keep pushing yourself as time passes and that your speed and agility training must be constantly changing.
    The ZEN stuff is true.

  3. modern pilates courses - September 8th, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Speed and agility are the two most important things a person should have in it for the utmost fitness and keep safe and sound as well. Everyday practice can give you more perfection and make your health very attractive and free from all hazards overall. So keep working hard on fitness program and try to increase your agility and speed day by day as well.

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