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Speed exercises and agility training – The true story.

Speed and Agility Training: Total Soccer Fitness – Review

Ask any soccer coach, player, or fan and they know that a most critical factor in the game today is  for soccer fitness training.  For serious players, it is essential.  Even world cup players who are undersized and lack “natural talent” have made up for their shortcomings by their enhanced strength, speed exercises,  superior conditioning and exceptional skilled work ethic.In researching many speed and agility training and fitness programs, I was curious to see what was available for soccer. When I came across Total Soccer Fitness, I was very impressed.  This ebook bundle is the most comprehensive program I’ve seen. The package consists of:

  • Total Soccer Fitness –  complete conditioning resource for players and coaches at all levels
  • The Soccer Exercise Library – over 100 conditioning drills and exercises specifically designed for soccer players
  • Total Soccer Nutrition – how to eat and drink for soccer peak performance
  • Total Soccer Psychology – 10 powerful mental techniques for soccer peak performance
  • Smoothies for Athletes – 120 delicious recipes for energy and recovery
The keystone ebook, Total Soccer Fitness, is written by Phil Davies, who developed fitness programs for some of Europe’s professional soccer teams and owns his own athletic performance facility. This book covers conditioning, including aerobic endurance conditioning, strength and power, speed and agility, flexibility, warm-up and cool-down exercises and theory with vivid images for the best learning.  Also included is a  section showing you how to chart your progress and results.

Davies is a genius in breaking down the game position by position,
from an endurance and conditioning perspective.   His programs are  based on  scientific research and data.  The wealth of data he supplies isn’t just for show, he explains how to use this data, and how it applies to your training for your position and overall game.  For example, a midfielder will sprint for eleven percent of his total running time and how that links into the conditioning program.
This is one of the best products available on the market for speed and agility soccer fitness training and without a doubt, the best value out there.
Get your package now!

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