Speed and Agility Training

Speed exercises and agility training – The true story.

Speed and Agility Training: Refuel and ReCHARGE!

Speed and Agility Refuel & RechargeWhat can you do to get maximum gains from each and every workout?

It is important to know that after  speed and agility training ,   the process of refueling is very important. Not only does refueling make your workouts count, it can be the difference between better performances or stale performances  in  any given contest.  Does this sound far fetched?  Not at all,  just ask any college level or professional athlete.

There are three areas of nourishment an athlete needs to address;  fluid, carbohydrates and protein.

Drink at least 3 cups of fluid plus an additional 2 cups for each pound of weight loss acquired during the practice. This can be water or powerade.  Powerade should be the fluid of choice if you are a salty “sweater” or if your training exceeds one hour.    Note that you always must weigh before and after practice in order to accurately assess your fluid needs.

Intense workouts use up the carbohydrates in your system.  In order to provide energy, it is very important to replace the carbohydrates (carbs) burned, and store some additional carbs for the next workout.  It is recommended that an athlete consumes 50-100 grams of carbohydrates after practice or workouts.

Protein is used for muscle fibers in order for them to build up stronger and faster and to prevent muscle breakdown.   The recommended amount for refueling is 10-15 grams.  A study with Marines during  54 days of basic training reports those who refueled with a 100 calorie recovery drink that contained only 10 grams (40 calories) of protein, not only enhanced muscle protein deposition but also contributed to 33 percent fewer total medical visits, 28 percent fewer visits due to bacterial and viral infections, 37 percent fewer visits due to muscle and joint problems, and 83 percent fewer visits due to heat exhaustion. (Flakoll, Med Sci Sports and Exercise, 2004)

Below are some suggested snacks for after workout nourishment.

  • Chocolate milk low-fat ( 2 cups )  and 1  banana
  • 4 oz. snack size container of lowfat cottage cheese:
  • Two tablespoons of hummus on four Kashi Heart to Heart crackers
  • 6 oz. container Chobani vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt
  • String cheese (part-skim mozzarella) and  Bagel
  • Peanut butter and jellysandwich and Powerade (2 cups)
  • Yogurt ( 8 oz.) low-fat mixed with 1/2 cup granola cereal

So next time you do your speed and agility training, speed exercises or agility training, refuel to  make your  hard work count.

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