Speed and Agility Training

Speed exercises and agility training – The true story.

Speed and Agility Training: Killer Speed Training Program Review

Speed – The Difference Between Good Athletes and Great Athletes

A strength training coach for a professional sports team,  certified strength and conditioning Specialist and Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, Mark Strasser was urged by clients to put together a speed training manual that would guarantee to increase speed using Mark’s proven training methods which are used by World-Class athletes and coaches.

Results have proven that athletes not only gained speed, but got stronger and performed better on the field.

Since inception of this program, the former professional football coach and professional strength training coach for the Minnesota Twins organization has helped thousands of men and women get in shape and gain speed for improved 40 yard dash results and enhanced the athlete’s chances to play to maximum ability.

What happens frequently is that many athletes stumble – and more than once on false teachings of other speed programs.

With this speed training system, athletes and coaches gain immediate access to the program created by Mark Strasser that focuses on increasing speed.  This step-by-step strategy can be utilized by athletes at all performance and fitness levels.  The goal is to achieve rapid speed while developing strength.

Check out this excellent training program:

Developing Killer Speed Workout Program

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