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Speed and Agility Training and Time

Tuesday 27 July 2010 @ 5:14 am

In this article I will discuss the role of time in the progress you make in speed and agility, as well as the impact it makes on your speed and agility training.
Below, I have made a video to illustrate the sort of level I train at nowadays. It is by many means more intense than it looks.

By the way if your asking yourself what do abs have to do with speed and agility training, then I have two words for you: Core Strength – this is what enables people to jump over their own heads (that’s what backflipping is by the way).

Now for the illustration of time.

Speed and Agility Training and Time

Speed and Agility Training and Time

You see, I could not always train as hard as I can now, and, in a sense, the gains I can make now are higher than the gains I could have made before. It is by both practical experience and body conditioning – the life long art of sculpting a hard body – that I have managed to take my body to a high level of physical fitness.

But from the top of the mountain there is forever much more to discover.

Thus, my focus nowadays is on creating a monks body.

You know what I mean, the monk body, a body that you could brake a bamboo stick on and that could pierce through wood. You’re not going to get that in the gym. And don’t think most pansy assed martial arts schools are gonna teach you that either.

But I digress.

What you can do today is by no means an indication of what you can do tomorow. If it were, people would never progress. You can surpass yourself in many ways every day. And this interestingly, will change the fabric of time for you. Now in any new agey religious sort of way you understand.

It goes like this:

The more life events that you must react to, the faster your mind needs to work, the faster your mind works, the faster your body needs to work, and it needs to work accurately and so your body develops. And from this constant mental activity comes a constant bodily activity, when the blood boils as some may know it. And you seem to enter another plane of existence in the sense that time moves slower for you.

Some may consider this ludicrous, some may have glimpsed it, others might have studied it and maybe some others might know of it. But the fact is that for whatever reason your world moves slower. When you don’t react to anything around you the state that your body enters is known as ZEN. And because there is less to react to, time grows longer.

But Damian, what does this have to do with speed and agility or speed exercises or agility training or whatever else of speed and agility training that is discussed around here? Well, this…

As time passes your body changes in ways that allow you to stress it ways that you could not have done before. The problem is, we are habit machines, and, unless we learn that as time passes our routines most evolve at the same rate as our capacities, then we will flat line. This is what I meant when I told you that speed and agility changes over time and so must your speed and agility training.

What about practical speed and agility training advice – time’s fun and all but how can I get faster

Increase the intensity, do it with focus and always keep your muscles under tension. Never relax during a set.

It must be a tough workout. Otherwise you will not progress.

Are there shortcuts?


Do they work?


Are there side-effects?


Can I avoid these side-effects?


An example of the top of your head?


Will you tell me more?

Do you want to hear more? Leave a comment.

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Speed and Agility Training: Total Soccer Fitness – Review

Friday 23 July 2010 @ 9:41 am

Ask any soccer coach, player, or fan and they know that a most critical factor in the game today is  for soccer fitness training.  For serious players, it is essential.  Even world cup players who are undersized and lack “natural talent” have made up for their shortcomings by their enhanced strength, speed exercises,  superior conditioning and exceptional skilled work ethic.In researching many speed and agility training and fitness programs, I was curious to see what was available for soccer. When I came across Total Soccer Fitness, I was very impressed.  This ebook bundle is the most comprehensive program I’ve seen. The package consists of:

  • Total Soccer Fitness –  complete conditioning resource for players and coaches at all levels
  • The Soccer Exercise Library – over 100 conditioning drills and exercises specifically designed for soccer players
  • Total Soccer Nutrition – how to eat and drink for soccer peak performance
  • Total Soccer Psychology – 10 powerful mental techniques for soccer peak performance
  • Smoothies for Athletes – 120 delicious recipes for energy and recovery
The keystone ebook, Total Soccer Fitness, is written by Phil Davies, who developed fitness programs for some of Europe’s professional soccer teams and owns his own athletic performance facility. This book covers conditioning, including aerobic endurance conditioning, strength and power, speed and agility, flexibility, warm-up and cool-down exercises and theory with vivid images for the best learning.  Also included is a  section showing you how to chart your progress and results.

Davies is a genius in breaking down the game position by position,
from an endurance and conditioning perspective.   His programs are  based on  scientific research and data.  The wealth of data he supplies isn’t just for show, he explains how to use this data, and how it applies to your training for your position and overall game.  For example, a midfielder will sprint for eleven percent of his total running time and how that links into the conditioning program.
This is one of the best products available on the market for speed and agility soccer fitness training and without a doubt, the best value out there.
Get your package now!

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Speed and Agility Training and the Benefits of Using a Protein Supplement

Thursday 8 April 2010 @ 3:51 pm

Speed and agility training is a dangerous business, unlike strength training workouts or other muscle building programs there is a high risk of injury.  This is because while strength deals mainly with high force and low speed, speed and agility training often involves high force AND high speed, resulting in very high power. Misapplied forces executed at high speeds can lead to serious injury. I should know, this is a picture of my ankle. It has 6 screws and a titanium plate in it. You gotta have real passion for what you do and there’s nothing that shows real passion more that the ability to suffer trauma and then get back up on the horse.

But I digress, the purpose of this article is to show you some ways that your speed and agility training can benefit from what other sport cultures have discovered and how you can apply this knowledge to your speed and agility training.

The short story is this:

-> a protein supplement can help out tremendously with your gains.

I have touched on the subject of speed and agility training and creatine before.  Today I will turn my attention towards speed and agility training and a protein supplement.This is a great aid in improving speed and agility.

A protein supplement is important for maximizing your results for the following reasons:

It allows you to recover from the micro injuries that any training session worth it’s salt will inflict upon your body.  Basically this means that each time your body is damaged, if you give it the right nutrients (and yes proteins are a macro-nutrient that is critical to your body) it will recover and build itself up stronger each time. If you fail to do so, you will reach plateaus or worse yet, regress. Regression happens when your body is in a negative repair mode, or a deficit repair mode. This basically means that your body can’t keep up with the damage you inflict upon it and each training session will leave you ever more weaker.

Another problem you might encounter is improper repair.  Basically your body will patch itself up with whatever it has on hand but it will not build itself back up as strongly as it could. This is influenced both by the quality of the food you intake and of the specific tolerance of that food with your body. Believe it or  not food allergy exists in every living individual, the problem is that when we are healthy we barely notice this and we keep right on trucking.  But this is not at all smart. Just think of the gains you could be making if you were to feed your body properly with foods that don’t harm it.  If you provide ample micro-nutrients and cofactors and supply high quality macromolecules.

See the whole Gallery:

Click on the images below to zoom in.

Don’t get me wrong you can still benefit from speed and agility training if you just eat from the 1 dollar menu.  But you will recover more slowly, you will repair yourself more badly and you will be affecting your ability to train correctly and increase your chance of suffering an injury. So this basically takes care of why you should use a protein supplement in your speed and agility training program.

This brings me to another topic which I have discussed somewhere else: the protein supplement issue. What, why and how to select the best protein supplement.

Leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the article: here.

All the best,

PS: Here is a great speed and agility exercise for you to use.

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Speed and Agility Training: Superstars Are Not Born

Wednesday 3 March 2010 @ 5:00 am

Superstars Are Not Born – They Are Created

Michael Jordan did it.  Jerry Rice took a news crew to film him while he did it.  David Beckham champions it at his David Beckham Academies.  What do they all have in common?  Aside from being world-class athletes, these modern “gods” include speed and agility training as an integral part of their successes.  While all were born with athletic talent, they know that speed exercises and agility drills give them the edge on their competitors, and they are right.  Michael Jordan felt being at peak shape helped his basketball skills, “I just feel that physically I’ve got to be in the best shape possible to be able to do my job.”  Both experts and the athletes themselves agree that the adoption and practice of speed and agility training extended the careers for Jerry Rice and Michael Jordan.
Speed and agility training

This explains the transformation in popular thinking.  The old adage was that you were either born with natural talent or you were lacking.   If you did not possess natural talent then you were relegated to the stands,   now we know better.  In fact there is a well known Speed and Agility Revolution happening.  The extra time spent on speed and agility training, is that which separates starters from bench warmers, scholarship athletes from walk-ons, playing tennis with the boss at the club or strumming your fingers back at your desk.

Speed and Agility Defined

So what exactly is speed and agility? Speed is the ability to cover distance rapidly. Nearly every game requires fast movements of either the arms or legs.  Leg speed is tremendously important in sports such as football, soccer, basketball and baseball.  Speed exercises and agility training can improve leg speed in sports.

Agility training focuses on rapid change of direction and footwork while maintaining control and balance.  Agility includes a combination of speed, balance, power and co-ordination.  Agility is necessary for almost any sport as it increases a player’s reaction time to changes on the court or field.

Getting Real

The next time you are watching Kobe Bryant’s incredible agility, strength, and stamina on the court, know that it is not simply some miraculous, God-given ability.  Kobe works relentlessly hard, year-round, on strength training workouts, agility training and speed exercises.  He is considered to be one of the hardest working and physically fit players in the NBA and he has the trophies and championship rings to back it up!

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